The Relationship Between NVQ and GNVQ Levels and Academic Qualifications


NVQs are work based qualifications which recognise existing competences while degrees, for example, are education based qualifications. Unfortunately attempts to equate these very different types of qualifications are often unconstructive and deny the very essence of NVQs. The general guide to different standards of achievement broadly associated with NVQs at each level highlights the unique nature of NVQs.

There is a need to give expression to the total spectrum of all qualifications, showing how they inter-relate and how they differ.

The purpose of qualifications are often very different and it is not possible to define equivalence. However, the diagram attached coveys a sense of the level of achievement associated with a variety of qualifications. It is inappropriate to equate them, yet they have in the diagram, been positioned in relation to each other.

The system is designed to offer freedom, choice and flexibility:


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